How to Decorate in the Eclectic Style…When You’re a Minimalist

When you hear the term ‘eclectic decor’, your mind probably conjures up images of rooms filled to the brim with pattern, color, and decorative objects. In reality, you don’t have to be a maximalist in order to be an eclectic decorator. An eclectic interior can be designed with restraint and with very little. Read on to explore these five ways minimalists can decorate in the eclectic style.

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#1: Match Multiple Design Elements

Sources: Design by Galerie Half, Photo by Shade Degges Photography

Leave room for negative space by finding accent pieces from different styles with at least two of the the same or similar design elements. For example, the console table and chair pictured come from very different eras, but they share warm undertones and straight lines. (If you use a lot of the same material in close proximity, make sure to mix finishes.)

#2: Use Vintage Pieces Strategically

Sources: Design by Erin Roberts Design, Photo by Margaret Austin

Just one house plant – large or small – can help make a minimal and modern space feel eclectic and bohemian. As a minimalist, you have to make sure to pay special attention to the planter; a vintage pot or basket turns a house plant into a transitional piece, which eliminates the need for an abundance of traditional pieces in a primarily modern design.

#3: Carefully Consider Your Color Palette

The colors of the sea, sky, and land are terrific tones for those looking to utilize pops of color – as well as a variety of other design elements – while keeping their design serene and simple. Try muted or dark blues and greens or tinted earth tones like terracotta and ochre. These pops of color align with an eclectic-meets-minimal mood when they’re used efficiently, in otherwise neutral color palettes, and in unexpected places, like bedding. (Shop the bedding pictured above here).*

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#4: Explore Unique Wall Treatments…

Source: drop it MODERN®

Non-bulky and functional – yet highly impactful – abstract, patterned wallpaper is an excellent tool for eclectic-meets-minimal decorators. If you’re worried about over-designing, either go neutral or follow the color palette guidelines mentioned before, and choose other primary accent pieces that mimic at least one design element from the wallpaper.

#5: …And Floor Treatments

Source: The Elegant Nomad

As the ‘fifth wall’, the floor is a great place to add in a bold accent, like a bohemian rug. (Similarly, consider unique options for other flat, large surfaces, like ceilings, headboards, back splashes, large scale artwork, and window treatments.)

If you opt for a neutral and monochrome color palette, add just enough natural and/or vintage accents* to warm the space up.

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